Christian Movie: A TWEET FROM HEAVEN

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A Tweet from Heaven – is a touching faith-based film about a daughter’s mistake and her father’s and Father’s (God) unwavering love and forgiveness. 

The story follows this family as they deals with their 19-year old daughter’s (Stacey) sexual mis-conduct and disobedience with her 38-year fiancé Tyrone who’s holding onto a secret.

Stacey’s loyalty to Tyrone leaves an abortion as her only option and a decision that will affect this family for generations to come. But God intervenes and speaks to her concerning her unborn child. But the choice is still hers. Will Stacey’s decision be a curse or a blessing, will she deny her faith, or will God get the Glory!

There is a God in Heaven who tweets all things!

Christian Movie: A TWEET FROM HEAVEN Christian Movie: A TWEET FROM HEAVEN Reviewed by Nene Sochi-Okereke on Saturday, 5 May 2018 Rating: 5

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