GAFCON accuses church official of 'provocative, inaccurate and misleading' comments

GACFON, the worldwide conservative group of Anglicans, has hit back at the secretary general of the Anglican Communion after he claimed the Archbishop of Nigeria had reneged on his decision to "walk together" with other Primates who he disagrees with on the issue of sexuality.

Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon (pictured below, right) was speaking after Archbishop Nicholas Okah said he would not be attending the upcoming Primate Conference because of his perceived lack of progress on the subject.
Archbishop Josiah said he was saddened by the actions of the Nigerian church leader.

Next month, leaders from the 39 Anglican provinces will meet in Canterbury at the request of Justin Welby (pictured above, left).

It'll be the first meeting of its kind since the January 2016 meeting where the US Episcopal Church was disciplined over its decision to allow clergy to conduct same-sex marriages.

GAFCON says the comments by Archbishop Josiah were not only provocative but also inaccurate and misleading.

It says the Primates only agreed to walk together if the discipline of the US Episcopal Church was upheld meaning its leaders were banned from decision making boards or representing the Anglican Communion.

"Unfortunately, this agreement was not enforced and The Episcopal Church has been allowed to take part in decision making regarding 'matters pertaining to polity and doctrine'.", the GAFCON Primates said in a statement.

"They have also represented us in ecumenical meetings. This has led to a further breakdown of trust and confidence."

"In light of this reality, we discussed the Archbishop of Canterbury's invitation to the upcoming Primates' Meeting. The conscience of some does not allow them to attend. Some intend to go in defence of the Gospel and some are continuing to discern what the Lord is asking of them in this hour.

"We have all agreed to pray that the outcome of the upcoming meeting will be decisive and lead to coherent and responsible action regarding the issues which continue to tear apart the fabric of the Communion, issues that have eternal consequences."


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