Buhari signs global agreements on anti-corruption, extradition

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday signed instruments of ratification for bilateral agreements, some of which aim to strengthen the Nigeria’s anti-corruption campaign.
The first set of instruments are for: Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters; Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Civil and Commercial Matters; Agreement on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons; and Extradition Treaty.
There were also *the Charter for the Lake Chad Basin between Nigeria, Cameroun, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger and the Republic of Chad;
*African Tax Administration Forum Agreement on Mutual Assistance in Tax Matters.
*World Intellectual Property Organisation Performances and Phonograms Treaty.
*The World Intellectual Property Organization Treaty on Audio-Visual Performances.
*Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate access to published works for persons who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise.
In his remarks at the signing ceremony, Buhari noted that the agreements had been duly ratified by the Federal Executive Council.
He said it not only demonstrates Nigeria’s sovereign capacity to fulfill her international obligations but also important steps for the benefit of the economy, security and the anti-corruption war within and outside the country.
“With this sovereign act, which has been replicated in the United Arab Emirates by their responsible authorities, we are now in a position to utilize these Agreements fully to foster cooperation between our respective authorities particularly for the purpose of prosecuting the anti-corruption campaign of this Government.
“It is my hope that these Instruments which are signed today will reinvigorate the anti-corruption war and check the illicit flow of funds out of our country to other jurisdictions, improve national security, food security, boost our economic and tax regimes and improve the overall well-being of our creative community.
“All agencies of Government with roles to play under the respective Treaties now ratified are hereby directed to ensure that they play their anticipated roles in an effective and responsible manner in order to ensure that we reap the full benefits of these Agreements”, the President declared.

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