Many dead as Jukun Youths clash with Tiv Hawkers

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The Kindred Head of Ikyurav in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State Chief Julius Uor Adi is still at lost as to whether or not it was the mere misunderstanding between some Jukun youth and two Tiv hawkers at the Fiidi Market that resulted to the attack on Fiidi Commu­nity bringing recording loss of lives in dozens.

The squabbles which seemed to have been re­solved with the intervention of men of the Nigeria Po­lice, the people were awak­en by defining sound of gun shots and fire that was set on homes by suspected angry Jukun youth on 12th June, 2017. Several houses were re­portedly brought to rumbles while vehicles were burnt and valuables looted.

Investigations gathered that the militia men timed their action as It was about l “About 12:00am” that they struck, causing mayhem. The most worrisome sce­nario in the attack lies in the fact that the communi­ty is located directly opposite the Headquarters of the Tac­tical Air Command of the Nigerian Air Force Makurdi.

Prior to the latest attack, which consumed more than 60 compounds, Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom at­tempted to broker peace be­tween the warring factions but to no avail as it resur­faced in a more sophisticat­ed nature given the volume of distruction.

Chief Adi attempted to figure out the cause of the crisis when asked. He told this medium that “There was an issue in the market among youth and the Vig­ilante called Police to the matter for resolution. The cause of the problem as I was told was that a certain hawk­er, who came to Fiidi Market from Air Force Base (Tiv by tribe) left his wares alleged­ly for a young Tiv girl who was also selling wares at the market. On return, he found that the young girl had also left the place.

“When the lady returned thereafter, the young man queried her on the why she would leave his wares amidst strangers. There were three Jukun boys who were with­in the vicinity of the incident and they jumped in alleging that the young man was im­plying that they were thieves. They therefore, picked his Torch Light and refused to hand it in despite pleas.

“As I wasted to under­stand, this was the cause of the squabbles that drew the attention of both the Vigilan­te and the Police, which we all thought had been settled.”

The Kindred head, like many other families who are settled at Fiidi village now have to look for alter­native means of shelter with their situation worsened in view of the fact that the ugly incident occurs in the rainy season.

“We have been thrown into confusion; my fami­ly and those depending on me. There is no shelter, ev­erything I call my own has been destroyed in the unfor­tunate incident. I left with­out anything. this was how i came out,” Chief Adi cried out in his short and vest.

“I am sure you are aware that the Governor inter­vened in this matter and asked the people to let peace reign. He was witness to what happened because the day he visited, he heard gun shots himself. The Police are in custody of explosives and ammunitions used in the un­fortunate incident. I won­der how the boys acquired them,” the Kindred Head continued.

He put the value of what he has lost at “Over Two Hun­dred and Fifty Million Naira.”

Ironically, this is a commu­nity that has not experienced this sort of crisis. Chief Adi informed The AUTHORITY “We have never had misun­derstanding. We only hear of crisis with the Jukuns in other places; this is the first here.”

Adi Evelyn, Chief Adi’s daughter tearfully expressed shock saying “The mighty investment of my beloved father, Chief Adi Julius Uor destroyed in just a day? “Un­til that late night, our house was fueled and surrounded by numerous Jukun youth shooting in air and the house was set ablaze.

“But by God’s plan, they had no intentions to kill­ing or else, na die ooo. We were allowed to escape to the mighty fire and flames but couldn’t go out with anything- property includ­ing other vital documents destroyed. The question is, how do we start?

“I feel the pains of my great father and everyone that is affected. Indeed, this is jun­gle justice. What puzzles me is the heart of this Chief Adi Julius… I was just nervous as I watched him smiling and saying ‘it is well.’ He said all buildings and property de­stroyed are nothing but we should pray for those that lost their lives as a result of the crisis.”

The renewed crisis be­tween this two tribes in the communities that they co­existed from time immemo­rial has continued to cause panic sparking reactions as what the motive of the at­tackers may have been. More disturbing lies in the fact it is coming at a time the Benue state governor, Samuel Or­tom has sign into law the ant-open grazing law which seem not to have gone down well with a section of the country.

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