Perfect in every good work to do your will.

1Samuel 7:10
While Samuel was sacrificing the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to engage Israel in battle.

As the Lord sent great thunder upon the Philistine, likewise will it happen to my foes.


1. As you go out this week/day/Month God will grant your heart desires. Events will agree with your expectations.

2. God's grace will enhance your speed and His favour will attract needed resources in Jesus name. Have a blissful week.

3. Every Pharaoh holding you captive and humiliating you like the Egyptians did to Israelites will be forced to lose their grip on you today in the name of Jesus.

4. You will be victorious, you will make the Difference.

5. In fact you are the Difference in Jesus name.

6. O Lord! concerning this month, I prophesy to this week, you shall be favoured and God will grant you His goodness in Jesus name.

7. You will be built not broken, you will be planted not plucked out.

Foluso Taiwo.

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