Buhari’s health: – Hon. Kaze

A former member of the House of Representatives and a Chieftain of the opposition PDP, Hon. Bitrus Kaze said the way the present administration has managed the issues surrounding President Muhammadu Buhari’s is the same way they had spoken against late President Umar Yar’adua’s situation.

Kaze in an exclusive chat with DAILYPOST in Jos said, the way the President’s handlers have managed the situation shows they are playing with the intelligence of Nigerians.“It’s unfortunate that President Buhari finds himself sick at this moment, its also unfortunate that it’s happening to him when his attention is needed, to run a country that is as complex as Nigeria.

“Anybody could fall sick, but once you are the President of this country, you are not just anybody, and I say this with the benefit of history.

“When President Yar’adua incidentally is from the same Katsina, was also sick, President Buhari actually requested that we set in motion a process of impeachment against President Yar’adua.

“He had decried that, the President’s health was shredded in secrecy and that the PDP government was not briefing the Nigerian public on a daily basis on the health situation of the President. And as he rightly said at that time, the health of the President of Nigeria has a way of telling on the health of the Nigerian nation itself; incidentally, we are seeing a repeat of the circumstances that surrounded Yar’dua’s illness.

According to the former Lawmaker, “Nobody wishes him to be ill, infact let me be honest with you, if it were a matter of wish, there are people in this country that are willing to sell their own health just to make him healthy.

“But what we are seeing is an attempt to play on the intelligence of Nigerians. He didn’t attend the first and second executive council meetings, and then when he missed the third one, they said he chose to rest.

“We didn’t see him in the mosque, and they said, he didn’t want to go public. And the following week, he was flown out of the country, even when the man said, look I may be here, but I could fly back to London anytime on the account of my health.

Kaze who represented Jos South/Jos East Constituency, maintained that, “The way the present administration has managed the issues of Mr. President’s health is the same way they spoke against it in the days of Yar’adua.

“They have not shown any difference, and if anything they appear to me to know how to play with words more than the previous system; and is not the best for our country.

“We wish him the quickest recovery; but the mere fact that he is the President, just like any ordinary citizen of this country, he could fall sick. He could be incapacitated; and the constitution clearly envisages such circumstances.

“He is a normal human being despite being the President, but that he is a President, catches our attention much more than anybody”, he stressed.

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