Biafra Peoples National Council (BPNC) adopts a Leader

Several pro-Biafra groups under the aegis of Biafra Peoples National Council (BPNC) yesterday held a huge ral­ly in Umuahia, the Abia state cap­ital, where they adopted Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), as Biafra Supreme Leader.

This was even as a UN Am­bassador, Prof. Emma Nwaimo, suggested that the solution to the escalating agitation for Biafra is for the Federal Government to con­duct a plebiscite in the states un­der ‘Biafra’ to give the people the opportunity to decide if truly they want to exit from Nigeria.

The UN Ambassador made the suggestion yesterday when he came to observe the activities of thousands of Biafra agitators who besieged Kanu’s father’s home in Afara Umuahia to show solidar­ity with the IPOB leader. Nwaimo said he had noted that the agitation for Biafra was a mass movement and advised the federal government to give the people the chance to determine their fate through referendum in­stead of suppressing the agitation.

Prof. Nwimo said he would recommend referendum in his report to the UN, adding that should the Nigerian Govern­ment fail or delay to heed the recommendation, the UN would then step in to do the needful.

He added that if the Federal Government foot drags in con­ducting a plebiscite for Biafra as recognised under the UN charter, other international bodies would also wade in.

The UN Ambassador, how­ever, commended the security operatives for not using force to prevent members of pro- Biafra groups from coming to Umua­hia to show solidarity with Kanu, saying that it was an indication that even the security agents rec­ognised that the agitation is jus­tifiable.

He, however, said that the ag­itation had to be sustained to at­tract more international support which would culminate into exert­ing pressure on the Federal Gov­ernment to conduct a referendum for Biafra

The pro- Biafra groups that thronged the country home of Kanu where he was honoured with the title of Supreme Leader of Bia­fra included the Uchenna Madu- led Movement for the Actuali­sation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB); the Biafra Rev­olutionary Organisation and the World Union of Biafra Scientists.

Others were the Biafra Liber­ation Crusaders; the Salvation of Biafran People; the Joint Revolu­tionary Council of Biafra; and the Eastern People’s Congress (EPC). Addressing newsmen later, Madu said the decision to adopt Kanu as Biafra Supreme Leader was reached after a holistic review of his sacrifices during an emer­gency meeting of BPNC. “All pro-Biafra groups here­by adopt and declare our brother Nnamdi Kanu as the new leader of Biafra nation under whose leader­ship through the grace of God the people of Biafra shall have rest”, he said.

He said that BPNC as an um­brella body of all pro- Biafra groups resolved “to enter into a phase of mutual relationship with IPOB un­der the leadership of Kanu for the future running of the internal and external affairs of Biafra.” Madu further said that Kanu’s leadership “shall bring unity, peace, progress, and brotherly love among the esteemed people of Bia­fra through the instrumentality of mutual and intimate understand­ing among the pro-Biafra groups”. However, he said that the in­dividual pro- Biafra groups would still exist but will be loyal to the leadership of Kanu as the arrow­head of the Biafra struggle. Madu said that the import of the declaration was to prove to the skeptics that “Biafra is one, and united under Nnamdi Kanu as one people”, adding that hence­forth “Biafra will be speaking with one voice.” He said the groups strongly be­lieve that Biafra would soon be ac­tualized under Kanu, without war.

His words: “Nnamdi is our Joshua who will lead Biafra into the Promised Land. Under his leader­ship the people of Biafra will enter into their rest.” “No more changing of baton. We will not tolerate any opposi­tion to his leadership. He is our su­preme leader. We are fighting for one cause.” “We shall sacrifice anything to defend him. Our honour and re­spect shall go to him.”

“Anyone fighting against him is fighting against us.”

Responding, Kanu thanked the leaders of the pro-Biafra groups for their decision and pledged not to let them down. His words: “I am humbled by your decision. We all started to­gether and we shall end together.” “Today is a great day for Bi­afrans all over the world because we have shamed our enemies. Those who said we will kill our­selves if we get Biafra have seen that we are one and that we love ourselves.”

He promised to carry all the pro-Biafra groups along in the struggle. Kanu, who vowed to continue with the agitation for Biafra, op­posed the call in different quarters for restructuring Nigeria. He said that restructuring would not solve the many woes bedeviling the country, insisting that “it is either Biafra or nothing.” Kanu said that the Aburi Ac­cord and even the 2014 National Conference centered on restruc­turing which the North refused to respect or implement, thus, there is no proof that they would imple­ment any outcome of a restructur­ing conference.

Kanu asked the Federal Gov­ernment to urgently conduct a referendum for Biafra exit from Nigeria or there would be no elec­tion on Biafra soil henceforth. He said that he did not need to write any special letter to the feder­al government on referendum “be­cause they should see the hand­writing on the wall.”

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