Biafra Day sit-at-home declaration tops Google search – Google Spokesperson

The sit-at-home order made by the Independent People of Biafra and the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, dominated Google search during the week.
Nigerians took to Google to know more about Biafra and the history of democracy in Africa’s most populous nation.
Google’s Spokesman, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade made the announcement in Lagos on Thursday.

Kola-Ogunlade, who is Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager for Anglophone West Africa, revealed that the searches were apparently to know more about Biafra.
States in the South East and some South-south observed a sit-at-home protest on May 30, to commemorate the 50th anniversary since the Civil War ended.

According to Kola-Ogunlade, Nigerians searched for Democracy Day, Biafra News, Biafra Day, Tiger Woods, Ernesto Valverde and Paul Pogba in the search engine.
The searches commenced on May 25 and ended on May 31.
Kola-Ogunlade explained that people searched Google using terms such as “Biafra news today”, “Biafra latest news”, “radio Biafra news” and “radio Biafra.”

The spokesman said that Golf superstar, Tiger Woods’ arrest and charge for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) by the police in Florida on May 29 also trended on Google.
He said that the former golf world number one had to deal with a fresh blow as he struggled to resurrect his career.
“Nigerians went on Google to search for ‘Tiger Woods net worth’, ‘Tiger Woods arrested’, ‘Tiger Woods news’, ‘DUI’ and ‘Serena Williams’.”

The Google chief said that Barcelona FC President, Josep Bartomeu, on May 29 officially confirmed the appointment of Ernesto Valverde as the club’s new head coach, replacing Luis Enrique.
Kola-Ogunlade said that sports lovers Googled “Ernesto Valverde profile”, “Barcelona”, “Who is Ernesto Valverde” and “Barcelona new coach.”

He also said that Paul Pogba’s visit to Mecca to give thanks for a good season trended on Google.
“Paul Pogba visited Islam’s holiest city, Mecca this week to pray and offer his appreciation for a successful season with Manchester United and to mark the beginning of Ramadan.
“Nigerians visited Google to search ‘Paul Pogba religion’, ‘Is Paul pogba a Muslim’, ‘Paul Pogba profile’ and ‘Paul Pogba biography’,” Kola-Ogunlade said.

Google Trends launched in May, 2006, allows one to see how popular search terms and their demography have been overtime on the search engine.
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