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Many people want God to do great things for them, some want God to do great things in them, but only few want God to do great things through them. The greatest work of Christ was the forgiveness of our sins. God doesn't forgive our sins out of pity but as a reward of honor to the finished work of Christ. 

However, when we extend that forgiveness to those that have wronged us, God rewards us with more grace to live above such weakness. God cannot use you to do mighty works of divine intervention when you are not ready to let Him change your decisions against anyone who might have hurt you. 

To forgive your enemies is greater than opening the blind eyes. The harder it's for you to forgive humans, the more you belittle yourself before demons. Don't wait for people to apologize to you for their wrongs before you forgive, Forgive today so as to increase the divine capacity in your life for greater works. 

CONFESS: I'm a partaker of divine forgiveness and a dispenser of forgiveness to others, especially those that have hurt me through the riches of grace at work in me in Jesus name!

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