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When God told Joshua that the Book of the law should not depart from his mouth and that he should meditate on it day and night, he was not preparing to write an exam or lecture students. In fact, he was going into war against nations that were seemingly stronger than Israel. 

I really wonder how God could expect Joshua to have time for the Bible day and night with such a tight schedule? Moreover, what military strategy does the Bible have for God to have assured Joshua that by meditating on it day and night, he will enjoy good success? This is where the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men. 

The Bible is not a book for head knowledge but a food for the human spirit. If you really mean business about success in life, then you will no longer read the bible just to fulfill your religious devotion. Because you will take it seriously as your life and success depends on it.

CONFESS: My hunger for the word is growing stronger everyday more than my necessary food. As I process the word in my heart, success follows me all the way!
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