CHRISTIAN MOVIE: A Heart That Forgives

Film Description:
A Heart That Forgives is a riveting story about personal rise, fall and redemption; the power of God’s love; the core of the human condition and the freedom of forgiveness. It takes us on a journey of two foster brothers who chose very different paths in life. 

Malcolm (Mario Mims) follows his fathers footsteps and begins pastoring a small church while Silk (Charles Malik Whitfield) follows a path of darkness, attempting redemption at his own convenience. 

Will these two brothers and the people they come in contact with find the forgiveness they need before it is too late?

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CHRISTIAN MOVIE: A Heart That Forgives CHRISTIAN MOVIE: A Heart That Forgives Reviewed by Nene Sochi-Okereke on Friday, 19 May 2017 Rating: 5

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