Brutal Killing of Abuja resident, Parents demand Justice

The brutal killing of Williams Dickson, a 25-year-old resi­dent of Biaji Across, a suburb in Kubwa area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has thrown the residents of the area into deep mourn­ing.
Williams Dickson was brutally macheted into pieces by a deadly cult group that has been terrorizing and causing residents of the area sleepless nights since the past few years.

Late Dickson, according to find­ings, was callously murdered in a broad day light around few minutes to 2 pm, that fateful day. He was said to be among those waging war against cultism, theft and robbery going on in the area.
Residents of the area, therefore call on the Kubwa police division and in fact, the FCT police command to en­sure that justice is done by arresting and prosecuting the suspects.
However, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Kubwa, CSP Ayobami Surajudeen, while responding to questions, disclosed that his Di­vision is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the key suspects are ar­rested and brought to justice.

He disclosed that 7 suspects who were indirectly involved in the killing have been apprehended and handed over to SARS operatives for further investigation.
He reiterated that his men are cur­rently running after the key suspects in the murder and vowed that they will be fished out no matter where they run to.
He, however, applauded the youth in the area for their support and part­nership with the police in combating crime in the area.

CSP Surajudeen further reassured residents of Biaji and the entire Kub­wa that his Division is working hard to ensure all criminals including cultists are dislodged from the area.
A youth leader who serves as a role model to youths in the area, Vincent Jacob, revealed that the members of the cult group that killed Dickson are well known in the community as their parents also re­side in the area.
He disclosed that the cult group that committed that barbaric act was led by its leader popularly known as Timaya.

Explaining what led to the brutal killing of the young man, he said: “This young man that was killed was one of the strong boys in the area who has devoted his time and energy to the fight against crime and cultism in the area. That is why it pains all the community that his live was cut short at this time. The entire commu­nity is aggrieved and in deep sorrow.”

He further explained that: “What led to his death is that Timaya and his boys went and stole somewhere and the late boy went together with some of his friends and brought them out because has been warning them to desist from stealing.
“He has already caught two of the gang members who were involved in the stealing and took them to the Chief’s palace and it remains the Timaya which he went to pick him and he (Timaya) saw him and made calls to other cult members including Owen, Femi and others from other branches and they assembled them­selves and went and butchered him with cutlass.
“He ran from where they met him across the nearby mountain, they chased the boy. He ran into one house to take refuge and the cult group followed him to the house and began to shout thief, thief.
“Dickson then came out of the house and asked then who is the thief? These cult boys then have ac­cess to him and macheted him till he collapsed.
“He was still breathing when he collapsed, but when the younger brother to the kingpin- Timaya dis­covered that he was yet to die, he went back and macheted him until he died.”

He disclosed the youth in the area have so far arrested 13 suspects who were directly or indirectly involved in the gruesome murder and have since handed them over to the police.
Also speaking, another youth leader, Tony Isuola said: “Most of the cultists are living with their par­ents in this area here. Some few come from outside and join them. We know most of them and their parents. People like Timaya, Sunny, Michael and his younger brother are well known to us and they live with their parents here.
“These boys do block road in the area in the night and snatch items including phones and money from people. We have arrested Timaya two times and also arrest Sunny four times.”

A cross section of residents of the area called on the police to do the needful and ensure that the suspects are arrested and given the needed punishment.
They, however, warned that if the suspects are treated lightly and re­leased, the community will not take it revolt.
According to one of them: “If we see these boys in this community again, there is going to be serious problem.
“This is because this boy they killed has relations and friends who are currently angry about the whole thing. They calm down because they trust the effort of the police and youth in the area in arresting the suspects.
“If we see these boys free in the street, I assure you, there is going to be serious crisis in this area. Govern­ment should take note of this.”
Also speaking, the father of the late Williams, Pastor Dickson Ubi Effah, urged the law enforcement agents to ensure that justice is done.

He disclosed that he traveled for a burial in Lokoja when the incident happened.
While expressing shock over the incident, Pastor Effah said: “To me, the boy just thought me one lesson, that is, everyman must have a cause to die for. This is because when this boy was a child, if you want to know anything that is right in the house, ask him.
“I want to see that justice is done. Let justice take its cause, because it might be me today and you don’t know who the next person might be.
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