A day of the year on which fathers are particularly honoured by their children. 

  1. It was first observed in the state of Washington in 1910; in the US, South 
    Africa, and Britain, it is usually the third Sunday in June,
  2.  In Australia, the first 
    Sunday in September.
    Date varies per Country. 
    To every true father out there, keep keeping up and may the Lord  continue
    and guide you on the right part as you fulfill your duties
  4. and leave
    a good legacy for your Generation.
  5. Happy Father's Day To All Fathers!!
  6.  From ThePathway blog.
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  1. To our father's who gave us hope and understanding, who taught and brought us up by understanding our values and role as an individual in the society. I celebrate you today. May we follow in your legacy by doing something responsible for our community and the world at large. Happy Father's Day.


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